Kowa Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes from the Japanese manufacturer Kowa were first offered on the European market in the 90s. The price range of Kowa spotting scopes is between 500,00 £ and 3.000,00 £. Since the 90s, Kowa has positioned many spotting scope series on the market.

The Kowa spotting scope "Prominar" (Image)

Kowa spotting scopes – special features

A special feature of Kowa spotting scopes is that all lenses are usually made of environmentally friendly deco glass. Kowa devices minimize image movements via a specially developed focusing system. A further locking system prevents eyepieces used with the spotting scope from coming loose or even getting lost. Special splash and dirt protection is ensured by nitrogen fillings, which also prevent the spotting scopes from fogging up and thus ensure optimal viewing throughout.

The Kowa TSN – 602

An inexpensive spotting scope from the manufacturer Kowa is the device that goes by the name KowaTSN – 602. It has a lens diameter of 60 mm and focuses from six meters upwards. The weight is only 1.6 lb. – a real lightweight.

Kowa spotting scopes – the upper price league

One of the price-intensive spotting scopes from the manufacturer Kowa is the device with the title “Kowa TSN-883 Prominar”.

This spotting scope – offered on the market since the year 2008 – is suitable for both travel and nature observation. The lens diameter is 88 mm. This lens also has a 45° angle of view, is waterproof and allows focusing from five meters upwards. However, the higher power of this spotting scope also leads to a clear increase in weight. The Kowa TSN-883 Prominar weighs about 3.3 pounds.

Comparison of Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kowa presents differences between their spotting scopes in the following video. It compares the Prominar TSN-99/88 with the TSN-66 scope series.

Kowa spotting scope for digiscoping

Kowa develops its spotting scopes more and more towards the requirements of digiscoping. Users who want to use their spotting scopes intensively also for telephotography will usually find very suitable products among the Kowa spotting scopes. In addition, the manufacturer is constantly expanding the available accessories in the field of digiscoping.

Kowa company looks back on a long and traditional past of spotting scope development and manufacturing. Already in the 50s of the 20th century the first spotting scopes were distributed. Undecided buyers should consider available products of the manufacturer Kowa.

In addition to the described applications, there is a so-called “Phone-Scope-Adapter” from Kowa, which makes it possible to shoot images through the spotting scope with the smartphone. For digiscoping a nice and simple variant avoiding the need for expensive camera equipment:

Overview of Kowa Spotting Scopes and Prices

Spotting ScopePrice (optics-pro*)
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-99mm PROMINAR Schr√§geinblick 30-70x Zoom Set£3.275,16
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-883 PROMINAR with Fluoritobjektiv, 45¬∞ diagonal view£1.737,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-884 PROMINAR with Fluoritobjektiv, straight lines view£1.737,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-773 Prominar 77mm£1.433,04
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-774 Prominar 77mm£1.433,04
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-553 Prominar£1.359,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-554 Prominar£1.359,96
Kowa TSN-663m spotting scope + TSE Z9B 20-60X zoom eyepiece£1.083,60
Kowa TSN-664m spotting scope + TSE Z9B 20-60X zoom eyepiece£1.083,60
Kowa TSN-82SV angled-view spotting scope + TSE Z9B 21-63X zoom eyepiece£839,16
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-663M£800,52
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-664M£800,52
Kowa TSN-601 angled view spotting scope + TSE Z9B 20-60X zoom eyepiece£738,36
Kowa TSN-602 straight eyepiece spotting scope + TSE-Z9B 20-60X zoom eyepiece£738,36
Kowa TSN-82SV 82mm spotting scope, angled eyepiece£597,24
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-601 60mm, angled eyepiece£414,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-602 60mm, straight eyepiece£414,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-501£225,96
Kowa Spotting scope TSN-502£225,96