Zeiss Spotting Scopes

Zeiss spotting scopes are among the preferred devices for both birdwatchers and hunters. You will find them in the upper price range between about 900,00 £ and 3.000,00 £.

Examples of Zeiss perspectives

One of the cheaper versions from Zeiss is the Zeiss Dialyt 18 to 45 x 65. It is often carried along on trips and, with its eighteen times magnification, is mainly used for nature observation at lower distances.

A more expensive model from Zeiss is the Diascope 85C. It has a angled view and allows magnifications of forty times. The lens diameter is 85mm and it allows to focus from a minimum distance of 5 meters. This new version of the Zeiss spotting scope has a full rubber armoring. The focus works via the new, so-called Dual Speed Focusing (DSF). The water and dirt-repellent has also been improved.

Spotting scope from Zeiss - the Diascope 85T

Zeiss spotting scopes compared to other spotting scopes

The difference of a Zeiss spotting scope compared to other spotting scopes from cheaper manufacturers is mainly the quality of the image.

Due to their workmanship and the material used, high-priced Zeiss spotting scopes allow nature observations of unique beauty. For example, when observing birds, the fine details of head and plumage of the observed animals can be seen. Even in difficult lighting conditions, a spotting scope from Zeiss enables great observations.

Zeiss spotting scopes are particularly suitable for demanding users. Cheaper manufacturers, who offer devices under 500,00 £ on the market, provide significantly less quality images in nature observations.

Get to know a spotting scope from Zeiss

Buying tip: If you want to get to know a spotting scope from Zeiss before buying, you could take part in public appointments with local nature conservation organisations such as Birdlife International and look through a spotting scope on this occasion. Although Birdlife does not exclusively use spotting scopes from Zeiss company, high-quality devices are generally used. Surely one or the other tip can be obtained here from experienced nature observers.

The following video makes you want to see more and gives you an impression of how Zeiss spotting scopes are used for birdwatching:

Zeiss spotting scopes in price comparison

Spotting ScopePrice (optics-pro*)
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 23-70×95 Set£3.351,60
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 22-65×85 Set£2.931,60
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 95£2.570,40
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 85£2.192,40
ZEISS Spotting scope Conquest Gavia 85 + 30-60x£1.512,00
ZEISS Dialyt 18-45x65mm spotting scope, black, straight eyepiece£1.134,00

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