Optolyth Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes from the manufacturer Optolyth come in three variants: as an extendable scope, rigid scope and in the “compact” version.

The Optolyth brand is particularly well known in the hunting and sport shooting sector. But also, ornithologists and other nature observers appreciate the lightweight companions on trips and during population counts.

The company Optolyth

The Optolyth company was founded in 1956 in Nuremberg. However, the production of optical devices such as reading magnifiers and binoculars did not start until after 1945. Binoculars and spotting scopes were produced and sold for the first time in the 1960s.

The name Optolyth still stands for quality Made in Germany, because the company manufactures and develops its own optical devices in series.

Optolyth spotting scopes of the “Mini” series

The Optolyth Mini XS 25x70mm spotting scope (Image)

The mini-series from Optolyth represents a product range of extendable spotting scopes. In detail, the series consists of the following spotting scopes:

  • MINI 25×70 XS
  • MINI 25×70 BGA/WW
  • MINI 20×60 BGA
  • MINI 30×80 BGA/WW-S
  • MINI 15-45×80 GA

The first digit represents the magnification of the device (or the magnification range), the last digit stands for the lens diameter. The 25×70 XS spotting scope should be highlighted in the mini-series. The special feature of this spotting scope is that the built-in eyepiece can be completely “plugged in” in the device, thus creating a compact carrying bundle that is particularly suitable for travelling.

Another special feature of this Optolyth spotting scope series is the usability in combination with a tripod. A ¼ and a 3/8 tripod thread is built into each device.

Especially for hunters who do not get a convincing image with binoculars at tenfold magnification at medium and long distances, Optolyth’s extendable spotting scopes are a hit. From the mini-series, hunters particularly appreciate the “Mini 25×70 BGA/WW” model, as at only 1,000 grams it is a real lightweight with amazingly high performance.

Optolyth rigid perspective (Starrspektive)

It is a little different with the spotting scopes of the “Starrspektiv” series. They are especially popular with nature observers and sport shooters. Various interchangeable eyepieces offer the right material for every requirement. And the workmanship of Optolyth spotting scopes type “Starrspektive“ is also impressive. A handy focusing system allows quick focusing, the devices are waterproof and pleasantly rubberized. Even situations with extreme backlight are no problem for the Starrspektive. The manufacturer installs a retractable sunshade as standard.

The following three “rigid” devices from Optolyth are currently available on the market:

  • TBS 80 GA – TBS 80 GA/HDF
  • TBG 80 GA – TBG 80 GA/HDF
  • TBS 100 APO/HDF – TBG 100 APO/HDF

According to the manufacturer, moonlight is sufficient to provide sufficiently bright results for nature observations. This is made possible by the so-called “High-Definition-Fluorite glasses”.

Watch out: This high-quality construction is not part of every Optolyth spotting scope.

Tip: Look for the abbreviation “HDF”. Optolyth marks its special glasses with these three letters.

Optolyth spotting scopes of the “Compact” series

The third and last category of Optolyth spotting scopes is the “Compact” series. The name is characteristic: The manufacturer has pursued the ambition to produce an extremely powerful spotting scope in an extremely compact design.

In this series, Optolyth also focuses on the greatest possible mobility of the user. Although the two models weigh approx. 1,670 grams each, they are a real option for ambitious nature observers due to their less bulky design. Both models are produced and distributed under the following name:

  • Compact S 80 APO/HD
  • Compact G 80 APO/HD

In addition to nature observers who rely on mobility, hunters also appreciate the compact design on the high seat. By the way: The high-quality HDF lenses mentioned above are also built into these two spotting scopes.

Optolyth spotting scopes at a glance (sorted by price)

The following list shows an overview of common spotting scopes of the manufacturer Optolyth including the respective price information.

If you want to know more about telescopic spotting scopes from Optolyth, you should watch the following video. Two Americans take the Optolyth spotting scopes into their sights:

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