Lidl Spotting Scope

Lidl has been offering spotting scopes for sale in its own online shop for some time now. During special sales, the devices are also available in stores. But for whom are these devices suitable? You should be aware: Lidl spotting scopes are exclusively in the low-price segment.

And what experiences have users had with Lidl spotting scopes? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the following article on Lidl spotting scopes.

Image of a Lidl spotting scope: The Celestrom Ultima 80 Millimetre

The Lidl perspective in brief

There is not only one Lidl spotting scope. Instead, you can find several devices to choose from in the Lidl online shop. Among them are spotting scopes from the manufacturers Bresser and sometimes Celestron as well as mono-eyepieces (hand-held spotting scopes), also from the brand Celestron.

In terms of price, the devices range between 23.00 GBP and 230.00 GBP – thus at the lower end of the price segment of the spotting scope market.

The handheld spotting scopes are excluded for the time being. Instead, we present the devices that can be classified as “classic spotting scopes”:

The Celestron spotting scope “Landscout”

The Celestron spotting scope”Landscout” can be purchased at Lidl in two variants: Variant 1 allows magnifications between 10 and 30 times via zoom eyepiece, with a lens diameter of 50 mm. Variant 2 allows magnifications (also via zoom eyepiece) between 12 and 36 times, with a lens diameter of 60 mm.

Regardless of the variant, the scope of delivery of the spotting scope includes a small table tripod (metal) and a carrying bag for transport. The device is available at a price of approx. 70.00 GBP. The closest focusing distance for both spotting scope versions is given with approx. ten meters. At 1,000 meters, the field of view is 56 meters (50 mm version) at the minimum magnification and 28 meters (60 mm version) at the maximum magnification.

While “slanted view” and “straight view” are common variants for the same spotting scope at many manufacturers, the Celestron spotting scope at Lidl comes with a 45° slanted view in both versions mentioned above.

The biggest difference between the two optical devices is their size: The smaller 50 mm spotting scope has a width, height and depth of approx. 22 cm each (however, the width and height specifications from Lidl can hardly be trusted, instead the following values can be found elsewhere on the web: 31.5 x 12.5 x 8 cm), while the larger 60 mm version is specified with approx. 27 cm in width, height and depth (again, the width specification cannot be correct, instead these specifications appear more reliable: 31.5 x 15 x 8 cm). Due to the difference in size, there are also discrepancies in weight: The 60 mm variant of the Celestrom Landscout is exactly 110 grams heavier than the lighter 50 mm spotting scope, with a total weight of 513 grams.

Short evaluation of the spotting scope

According to the description, the Celstrom Landscout is not waterproof.

The maximum zoom is comparatively low (maximum 36x magnification, while magnifications of up to 60x are common for other brands). This might not be enough for many users.

The Celestron “UpClose Zoom” Spotting Scope

The Lidl spotting scope “UpClose Zoom” by Celestrom is available at Lidl in a single variant with 45° viewing angle. Although the Lidl website currently also contains information on a spotting scope with a lens diameter of 60 mm, only the 50 mm variant can be purchased there. With the zoom eyepiece, the 50 mm variant allows a magnification of up to 45x.

Similar to the Landscout, the scope of delivery for the UpClose Zoom spotting scope also includes a metal table tripod and a carrying case. Furthermore, an aluminium carrying case is part of the delivery. The price for the spotting scope is currently stated at approx. 85.00 GBP (while the manufacturer’s recommended retail price is 129.00 GBP).

The closest focusing distance for this spotting scope is 5.8 meters. At the lowest (15x) magnification, the field of view at 1,000 meters is about 43 meters. At the highest magnification (45x) it is still 22 meters.

With 750 grams, the UpClose Zoom spotting scope from Celestrom is already significantly heavier than the Celestrom Landscout. Also, regarding the dimensions, some centimeters are added: The length is 38 cm, the width is given as 37 cm – a value that can hardly be trusted – and the height is given as 33 cm.

Short evaluation of the spotting scope

According to the description, the Celestrom UpClose Zoom is waterproof – a not unimportant feature if the device is to be used on longer trips into the field in bad weather.

The maximum zoom extends further than with the Landscout, but still does not reach the top values of other manufacturers in the 50 mm variant offered. Again, what may be sufficient for the shooting range does not necessarily meet the requirements for nature observation or hunting.

The Celestron “Ultima” spotting scope

The third and largest spotting scope variant in the Lidl range is the Celestron Ultima spotting scope. This spotting scope is also available in only one variant and comes with an oblique view (45°) with a lens diameter of 80 mm. This larger lens diameter immediately suggests a greater optical performance than is the case with the two devices described above. And so it is: The Celestrom Ultima (80 mm) allows magnifications of up to 60 times.

In the product description at Lidl, there is a description for an even more powerful version of the “Ultima”: With a lens diameter of 100mm, magnifications of up to 66x are possible. However, this model is currently not available at Lidl.

Unlike the cheaper models (see above), the Celestrom Ultima’s scope of delivery is rather modest. A carrying bag is included. The smallest magnification of the device is 20x. Here the field of view is about 34.9 meters. At the highest magnification of 60x, the field of view is about 17.45 meters. The closest focusing distance of this Lidl spotting scope, described as a “medium variant” of the Ultima series, is 8.2 meters. While the manufacturer issues the recommended retail price of 259.00 GBP, the spotting scope is available at Lidl for 229.00 GBP.

With a weight of 1.6 kilograms, the Utlima clearly surpasses the two spotting scopes “Landscout” and “Upclose” described above. The dimensions also exceed those of the other Lidl spotting scopes once again. The length is 48 cm, the width 10 cm and the height 17 cm.

Short evaluation of the spotting scope

Among the Lidl spotting scopes for nature observers certainly the first choice. The device is waterproof, has the fastest lens and offers with the T-adapter (probably T2 adapter) a connection for digiscoping  (photographing through the spotting scope with a smartphone, a compact camera or a digital SLR camera).

Switching offers of scopes at Lidl

Please be aware that Lidl does change its spotting scope offerings from time to time. We’ve seen other Brands than Celestron being offered at Lidl’s Website. Among them Bresser and Auriol Scopes which are not presented in detail here.

Opinions on Lidl Spotting Scopes

The opinions about the Lidl spotting scopes differ – how could it be different? Certainly, they are devices that allow curious beginners a first approach to the observations of natural events. For demanding users, who for example have already made experiences with better binoculars, the Lidl spotting scopes are certainly not worth a buy.

Birdwatchers, for example, commented negatively on the use of the Celestrom Landscout, as strong distortions in the optics (duplications of the observed object) occurred during nature observations in the home garden. Although the workmanship of the device was praised, the optical performance is apparently not satisfactory if crystal clear observations are the goal.

Sport shooters, on the other hand, were very positive about the Celestron Ultima spotting scope. The easy operability was praised. Also, according to the reports, the hits can be seen very well through the spotting scope at 70 meters, as well as at 150 meters.

Negative opinions on Lidl prospects:

  • Distortions / unclear images (nature observer, land scout)
  • Partially low ranges (magnifications / nature observer, land scout)
  • In less-than-optimal lighting conditions (outside the midday sun), performance drops and distortion increase at the edge of the field of view (nature observer, Ultima 80 mm)
  • Unstable during digiscoping, with mounted camera (nature observer, digiscopier, Ultima 80 mm)
  • Adjustment bad to use at sharpness, bad performance at twilight (relevance, when hunting, Ultima 80 mm)
  • With increasing zoom, a darker and darker image (nature observer, Ultima 80 mm)

Positive comments on Lidl prospects:

  • Easy to use (sport shooters, Ultima 80 mm)
  • Good recognition of hits (sport shooters, Ultima 80 mm)
  • Good performance even in bad weather on the shooting range (sport shooters, Ultima 80 mm)
  • High-contrast and sharp up to a zoom of 55x (nature observer, Ultima 80 mm)
Image of an Omegon zoom spotting scope as an alternative for Lidl spotting scopes

Alternatives to spotting scopes from Lidl

Possible alternative to a Lidl spotting scope: An Omegon Zoom spotting scope, 80 mm

Celestron’s Landscout, UpClose and Ultima series of the Lidl scopes are also available elsewhere on the web:

Real alternatives to the spotting scopes offered by Lidl are of course also available. For example, the following devices are in the same price-performance class as the Lidl spotting scopes:

Lidl spotting scopes – a conclusion

The first realization: There is not only one Lidl perspective. For Lidl applies – despite the manageable selection: If you are spoilt for choice, you have a choice. It is important to know that a Lidl spotting scope is generally at the lower end of the price range, even if the most expensive Lidl variant is already in the middle class.

For sport shooters, the Lidl scopes seem to be suitable overall. For checking shooting performance on the shooting range, the offered optics of the Celestrom devices are apparently sufficient and provide good results. Discerning observers of natural events and hunters will probably quickly reach the limits of the devices and come into situations where the performance of the Lidl scope is found unsatisfactory. Therefore, regarding the two cheap Lidl spotting scopes, the following applies: if you buy cheap, you buy twice. It is better to go straight for a slightly higher quality device – the price range is almost endless – and pay attention to the quality of the many different devices.

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